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OfficalNage free registration agreement


This protocol is an agreement between the user and the OfficalNage and its related games.

"User" is an individual who is willing to accept or pass the product and service provided by the OfficalNage for the product and service provided by the (including product testing phase).

This protocol is a general term for the application of OfficalNage products and services. Therefore, please read all the contents of this user agreement before registering as a product and service for OfficalNage users or before receiving OfficalNage.

Users understand and agree:As long as the user clicks on the "agree" button and complete the registration, the user has accepted the user agreement, the annex to this agreement, the supplementary agreement and OfficalNage announced the service rules (including but not limited to the network game anti Shen fan system and the real name authentication service agreement), and would like to be bound by it. If there is a dispute, the user may not be the case to read the grounds of defense.

Users understand and agree:With the changes in the operating conditions, OfficalNage has the right to change the user agreement and related service rules at any time. To modify the user agreement, OfficalNage will be the official website of the OfficalNage or the relevant page a significant position announcement to modify the matter, the right to make a separate notice to the user. Users should check the official website of the OfficalNage before each login OfficalNage game, to understand the user agreement and other changes in the rules of service. If the user has different meaning of the user agreement or related services, or do not agree with the changes made by OfficalNage, users should take the initiative to stop using OfficalNage products and services provided, if the user is still using OfficalNage to provide products and services, which means that the user agrees to OfficalNage for this user agreement and related services rules. Due to the user in the user agreement changes due to not familiar with the announcement caused by the loss, OfficalNage will not bear any responsibility.

2.Statement of ownership

Users have understood and agreed:Data on all servers provided by the OfficalNage network gaming platform (including but not limited to virtual items, etc.) are all returned to "OfficalNage". In cases that do not affect the user's normal acceptance of services, OfficalNage has the right to decide to retain or not retain all or part of the data on the server.

3.Account and password

User commitment to its true identity registration account, and to ensure that the information provided by the personal identity information is true, complete and effective, according to the legal provisions and the information provided by the agreement to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

OfficalNage has the right to review the identity information provided by the user registration information is real, effective, and should actively take reasonable measures to protect the user account security and effectively, the user has the obligation to properly keep its account number and password, and correct, safe use of its account number and password. Any party fails to fulfill the obligations lead to lost account password, account stolen to users and other civil rights damages shall bear the legal liability arising therefrom.

Users should provide complete, detailed and real personal information in the registration, if the information provided by the future has changed, the user should log in time to update the account. If the user's personal data in OfficalNage is not in conformity with the facts, OfficalNage can stop to continue to provide products and services. When the user claims that it has an account with OfficalNage, if the account in the identity information of OfficalNage and the user's identity information have any discrepancies, OfficalNage has the right to not identify the account for the user all.

If any user, including minors, to the site to provide a false, incomplete or inaccurate information, etc., resulting in no or can not use the site service or suffer any other losses, OfficalNage is not responsible.

Users understand and agree:In the absence of OfficalNage allows and registered, the user may not be the account number and password leakage or provide to others, nor will the account be transferred or transferred to others. Such as the user's own fault or user computer virus or Trojan horse, which leads to account or password leakage, the user should bear the resulting loss. OfficalNage employees (including, but not limited to OfficalNage website and forum management, customer service, etc.) will not in any way to ask the user's password, so users do not respond to any leak the user's password, not many people share the same account, do not install illegal or untrusted programs. If the user has lost the password, the OfficalNage right to handle this problem by the service reserves the right to claim additional fees.

If the user found the account or password is illegal use or abnormal use of the case, should be immediately announced in accordance with the OfficalNage OfficalNage notification OfficalNage, and the right to notify the user to suspend the account login and use, but the user should provide information on the application and registration of personal information is consistent with the personal information. OfficalNage to verify the identity information provided by the user and the registered identity information is consistent, it should take measures to suspend the user account login and use. OfficalNage violation of the above agreement, did not take measures to suspend the user account login and use, so that the loss of the user, should bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Users do not provide their personal valid identity documents or personal valid identity documents provided by the user is not consistent with the registered identity information, OfficalNage has the right to refuse the request of the user.

In order to protect their legitimate rights and interests, the OfficalNage provides a valid identity information which is consistent with the identity information provided by the OfficalNage. The shall provide the user with the necessary assistance and support to the user's account registration certificate and the original registration information, and provide relevant evidence to the relevant administrative organs and judicial organs according to the relevant administrative organs and judicial organs.

OfficalNage will provide users with a certain degree of free or free of charge to protect the password of the auxiliary tool, but understand and agree Users: these tools can only improve the security of the account and password, OfficalNage does not guarantee that the user can protect the absolute security of the account password after using these auxiliary tools.

Users have to understand and agree that the OfficalNage server data appear abnormal (including the program Bug lead to the abnormal data), the server can be reduced to a certain point of time, the OfficalNage will not assume any responsibility.

4.User rights

Users can accept the products and services provided by OfficalNage according to the user agreement and other rules announced by OfficalNage.

Users have the right to monitor the OfficalNage and OfficalNage staff in the period of receiving the products and services provided by the platform to provide products and services to customers in accordance with the standards published by the OfficalNage, and to provide the OfficalNage with OfficalNage products and services.

Users in the possession of a legitimate account, you can upload the server in the network game platform to use the information required to use the service, but the information must not contain the following contents:

•(1)Infringement of any third party's intellectual property rights, copyright or public / private rights;

•(2)Violating any law or good manners;

•(3)Contains no slander others, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or have a bad effect on the content of minors;

•(4)Contains viruses, Trojans, time bombs, etc. that may cause damage or affect the stability of the OfficalNage or any person's computer system.

Users have to publish illegal information, serious breach of social ethics, and other acts of violation of the law prohibiting sexual behavior, OfficalNage will immediately terminate the service to the user. OfficalNage has the right to take any action, including, but not limited to, the right of the third party, according to the seriousness of the upload.

If the user is not satisfied with the products and services provided by the OfficalNage, users can stop using OfficalNage products and services at any time. If the user chooses to stop using OfficalNage's products and services, the OfficalNage no longer assumes any obligation and responsibility to the user.

5.User obligations

Users need to register and use the network required by the computer and network equipment, and to pay the cost of the internet.

Users have the obligation to properly keep the use of account, password and other relevant identity information and documents. Users who are logged in after the account generated by the act according to the rights and responsibilities, the use of the account is considered as the user's own, and any behavior that will be considered as the user's behavior, users should be responsible for all acts of account users.

Users understand and agree:OfficalNage has the right to make different levels of security policies, and to provide users with the appropriate level of authentication information and information, including but not limited to: account number, password, ID copy, original, proof of residence registration, etc.. When an application for a service by the OfficalNage established way through the authentication, OfficalNage that can be regarded as the account users and to provide services in accordance with their applications, the resulting consequences are borne by the user with the account of the account.

Users should follow the following principles in the process of using OfficalNage products and receiving OfficalNage services:

•(1)Comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the local area and server location;

•(2)Service system for any illegal purpose;

•(3)Comply with all service related network protocols, regulations and procedures;

•(4)It is not allowed to modify the software including but not limited to the OfficalNage's website and software,Engineering Decompile, copy, Disassemble, or distribute Reverse;

•(5)Not to take, regardless of intent or negligence, any non normal use of the network services that may affect the OfficalNage (including but not limited to damage, attack server, or server overload, etc.);

•(6)Not to use products or receive OfficalNage services through the use of third party software or the use of OfficalNage products under the assistance of the third party software; not to take any violation of the rules of the game and the behavior of violating the rules of the game;

•(7)Without the written permission of the OfficalNage, no copy of this site to create or provide the same or similar network services, such as simulation server, private server, etc.;

•(8)OfficalNage products and network services can not be used for any possible adverse impact on the normal operation of the Internet or may interfere with other products and services provided by others in the normal way to use OfficalNage;

•(9)Cannot use the OfficalNage network service system of any harassment, slander others, abusive, threatening, vulgar and obscene, fraud or any other illegal information transmission;

•(10)OfficalNage service system can not be used to conduct other acts of OfficalNage is not conducive to;

•(11)The information or information obtained from a non OfficalNage specified channel can not be used;

•(12)Services, products and business consulting for OfficalNage and its business partners shall take the customer service channels and other special communication channels designated by OfficalNage and may not be released in public places on the negative publicity of OfficalNage and related services;

•(13)If any illegal use of user account or account number of security vulnerabilities, should immediately notify OfficalNage;

•(14)Users can only through the OfficalNage game exchange channels and the OfficalNage official certification of the third party trading platform for the use of virtual goods (including but not limited to virtual currency, virtual props and equipment, etc.) of the exchange or transfer. No OfficalNage game server in the OfficalNage game account, role, virtual currency, virtual equipment and other data with real money or in kind for the user to give up the exchange of services, the user agrees, in this case, OfficalNage has the right to freeze, recover and delete the data involved in this service, without any problems and losses arising from any responsibility;

•(15)When the user accounts suspected of hacking, plug-ins and other illegal and illegal behavior, the user should work with the OfficalNage employees, truthfully answer game managers put forward with the use of OfficalNage related products, to protect themselves and other users in the game the legitimate rights and interests of;

•(16)Virtual objects (including but not limited to virtual currency, virtual items, and equipment) are not allowed to be used in the non normal way of playing the game;

•(17)Can not use the products and services provided by the OfficalNage in the real gain

•(18)OfficalNage services or products can not be used to send or disseminate sensitive information and violations of the national legal system information, including but not limited to:

o (a)Against the basic principles set by the constitution;

o (b)Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subversion of state power, and the destruction of national unity;

o (c)Damage to national honor and interests;

o (d)Incitement to national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermine national unity;

o (e)The destruction of the national religious policy, the cult and the feudal superstition;

o (f)Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and destroying social stability;

o (g)Spreading obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror or the crime of solicitation;

o (h)Insulting or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

o (i)Other content that is prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

6.Cancel account and terminate, stop (time limit) service

The user has the following any one or a variety of behavioral, OfficalNage has the right to cancel at any time the user account or termination or suspension of all or part of the services to the user (including, but not limited to, Feng Ting the username of all or part of the account and the prohibition of the role of login), and has the right to cancel at any time or to recover the user through illegal behavior to obtain any benefit in the game:

•(1)Acts violating this agreement;

•(2)Abuse of the right to enjoy;

•(3)Provide false registration information (including, but not limited to, identity information and contact information);

•(4)The act of violating the rules of the OfficalNage or the use of the OfficalNage service by means of an improper means;

•(5)The act of damaging the rights and interests of the OfficalNage and its owner, associated game or cooperative object and other users' legitimate rights and interests, including but not limited to monopoly game scenes, not reasonable to prevent other users from normal access to the game's interests, etc. any possible damage to the game's fairness or balance of behavior;

•(6)he act of violating the laws and regulations of China, including but not limited to the release of illegal information, in violation of China's laws and regulations;

•(7)The act of violating the good manners and customs of society;

•(8)Other acts violating the relevant provisions of OfficalNage;

•(9)In addition to the above situation, the user in the acceptance of OfficalNage services to implement other improper behavior;

Where: if the OfficalNage to stop the user to provide all or part of the decision, the user should be informed of the suspension period, the suspension should be reasonable, the expiration of the OfficalNage should be promptly restored to the user's service. But when the suspension period expires, the user's violation state is still there, OfficalNage has the right to extend the period of suspension of service.

In the above mentioned (9), the user is not only defined in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, otherwise, the OfficalNage shall not terminate the service to the user in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (9).

The same user registered account in an account number or multiple accounts appear in violation of the agreement of the act, OfficalNage has the right to the actual situation, the suspension, termination of the user's part or all accounts of the service, or cancel part of the user name or account.

Users understand and agree:If the user registration account, a continuous 90 days after the use of the game server, the site has the right to decide on the user's account to take measures to deal with, including the user to remove all records, freeze or delete the user account in the server database. When the user account is deleted, the account number and record will be deleted.

For users who are not logged in or use this site for 90 consecutive days, the account is frozen or deleted, and the station will not be compensated or compensated.

Users understand and agree:OfficalNage the user's behavior is consistent with the user agreement and related products and services using the specification has the final interpretation.

7.Network service interruption

At a time of the occurrence of the following circumstances, whether or not the OfficalNage has the right to interrupt the network service provided by the user, and does not need to take any responsibility to the user:

•(1)For the normal operation of the site, the site server or game server and other network services provided by the relevant official website for the maintenance, maintenance and construction; OfficalNage will be announced in advance of the time to stop, with the OfficalNage official website and game announcement query;

•(2)According to OfficalNage's judgment, in the case of emergency, at any time to the relevant website server or server and other network equipment or services provided by the product and network services related to the official website of the necessary maintenance, maintenance and construction;

•(3)For OfficalNage, OfficalNage partners or telecommunications network system software and hardware equipment failure, failure or human error;

•(4)Others invading OfficalNage network, tampering and deletion or forged, fabricated data website, or implement the behavior of any impact OfficalNage the normal operation of the computer system.

•(5)Force majeure reason;

•(6)Due to the requirements of the relevant institution based on the legal or statutory procedures;

•(7)Other provisions of other laws or state policies.

In addition to the above situation (1), the OfficalNage has the right to interrupt the network service without prior notice. Such as user and therefore suffered game data loss (including: character data damage, loss of the role, character relationship is lost, gamers points loss), and only when the system caused by OfficalNage direct fault interrupt the network service, verified, OfficalNage can discretion to be restored, but in any case are not carried out the reality of economic compensation.

8.Termination of network services

OfficalNage may terminate the network service at any time according to the actual situation, OfficalNage does not need to be responsible for any user or third person to terminate the network service at any time, but will notify the user in advance. The user may not require the OfficalNage to terminate the operation in full, and shall not require any form of compensation or compensation liability (including, but not limited to, the use of the game account, virtual items, etc.) in the OfficalNage.

9.Privacy protection

Protect the user's privacy is a basic policy of OfficalNage.


OfficalNage products and services provided by the user are provided in the current situation. In the maximum extent permitted by law, OfficalNage not for users provide any guarantee, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, merchantability, applicability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, viruses and no mistake any implied warranties and liability.

In addition, within the maximum range of applicable laws, OfficalNage does not guarantee that the products and services provided by the OfficalNage must meet the requirements of the users. The service will not be interrupted, and the timeliness, security, error occurs, and the information is accurate and timely.

If any provision of this user agreement exists to understand the differences, the interpretation shall prevail in the interpretation of OfficalNage.

In any part of the agreement of the present user, whatever the cause is wholly or partially invalid or not, the rest of the user agreement shall be valid and binding upon the parties to the agreement.

User privacy clause

Respecting the user's privacy is a basic principle of OfficalNage, because of the characteristics of the network itself, OfficalNage will inevitably interact with the individual users directly or indirectly, so this article is intended to explain the OfficalNage and user information on the user's information collection, use and protection policies:

One, definition

"Privacy" refers to the user to obtain the site products and services provided to OfficalNage's personal information, including but not limited to real name, identity card number, mobile phone number, electronic mail, because the purchase of virtual goods and the disclosure of personal payment information (such as OfficalNage). The role of the user account, virtual props and other information and the use of the game when the data generated OfficalNage all, not the privacy of the terms of this term.

Two, privacy principle

In the case of OfficalNage, how to let you use the Internet to provide resources through the OfficalNage, while protecting your privacy under the existing equipment and technical conditions of OfficalNage is a very important issue of OfficalNage. Therefore, OfficalNage adopts the following principles to protect your privacy as much as possible:

Principle one: personal data validation

When you agree to establish an account, you will ask you to provide some personal information, including:

1 personal identification information, such as name, gender, age, date of birth, identity card number (or passport number), telephone, correspondence address, address, email address, etc..

2 personal background: occupation, education, income, marriage, family status.

Principle two: use non personal information

OfficalNage will collect non personalized information through your IP address, such as your browser, operating system type, and the ISP domain name that provides access to the service. Through the collection of the above information, OfficalNage also carries out the traffic statistics, and thus improve the management and service of the website, or conduct the investigation or research of network behavior. You agree that OfficalNage collects and uses this information.

Principle three: basic data protection and processing

1.OfficalNage will provide the personal information in the existing conditions of strict management and protection, OfficalNage will use the existing technology, to prevent your personal information is lost, stolen or tampered with.

2.OfficalNage will be deemed to be the case when necessary, a special technical personnel on behalf of the type of data for computer processing, in order to meet the needs of the era of professional division of labor.

Principle four: safe data storage and transfer

OfficalNage use the server to provide control of the device to protect your basic data stored on the server. When you request the basic data to a certain support site, OfficalNage will encrypt your basic information and send it to the site.

Principle five: limit the use of principles

OfficalNage is only one of the following conditions, the basic information for the collection of information to you and to improve the scope of the need to improve the service:

1. Obtain your written consent.

2.To relieve you of your immediate danger in life, in your health, or in your possession.

3.To prevent other people's rights and interests.

4.To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of OfficalNage.

5.In order to promote public interest, and harmless to your major interests.

Principle six: disclosure of personal information

OfficalNage will take the necessary measures to protect the user's personal information security. OfficalNage shall not disclose to any third party without the user's permission, the name of the person who is provided, publicly or shared user registration information, the personal identification number, contact information, home address and other personal information, except in the following circumstances:

1.User or user Guardian authorized OfficalNage disclosed;

2.The relevant law requires the disclosure of OfficalNage;

3.The judicial or administrative authorities shall provide the OfficalNage with the statutory procedures;

4.OfficalNage in order to defend their legitimate rights and interests and to the user when a lawsuit or arbitration;

5.When a user's personal identity information is provided by the legal requirements of the user's guardian;

6.In case of an emergency, the user's personal information is disclosed for the protection of public interest in the public interest.

In these cases, the OfficalNage disclosure of personal information, OfficalNage is not responsible for.

Principle seven: the exemption

If the OfficalNage based on the above principle six, principle seven and the use of information and disclosure, do not assume responsibility. At the same time, the following circumstances OfficalNage must not be responsible:

1.OfficalNage will strive to adopt a reasonable way to protect the user's privacy and security, and the use of reasonable security measures to protect the user's privacy is not unauthorized access, use or leakage. But OfficalNage still can not guarantee the existing security technology measures can make the user's personal information and other information is not subject to any form of loss. In the OfficalNage has taken a business in a reasonable way to protect the user's privacy and security and OfficalNage without subjective intent, the user's personal data leakage OfficalNage to avoid responsibility.

2.Because you will be the user password to inform others, did not keep their own password, and others to share the registered account, the use of public computer after not canceled or any other non OfficalNage fault, which led to the loss of any personal information leakage, theft or tampering, etc..

3.Due to computer software and hardware failure, hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or attack, telecommunications sector technology to adjust the impact caused by government control and temporary closure, due to force majeure causes (including fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, volcanic eruptions, strikes, war or similar incidents, etc.) OfficalNage can not be released as well as other influence network normal operation of the force majeure, and any other non OfficalNage fault caused by personal information leakage, loss, theft or tampering.

4.Due to non OfficalNage reasons, and other sites linked to the OfficalNage link caused by the leakage of personal information and the resulting in any legal disputes and consequences.