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Bank mechanism

In the world of N-age, banks are a very important financial institution. Is the center of capital turnover. Players can earn their own money into the bank's personal account, you can also use the bank's account in the transfer, tax, and other economic behavior. At the same time, players can also use the ATM to set up a variety of individual services in the city, such as drawing, remittances, union remittances, etc.. But one thing is very important, and in real society, all kinds of financial services are required to pay a certain percentage of the fee. In the ATM machine to mention the same, you have to pay a certain percentage of the fee. How? Is it true?
  In N-age, we can learn the importance of financial management! But will not be poor and blank fun oh. In addition, players have to work and trade to exercise players another important value of the trade level, in order to obtain a higher level of license, license level is higher, players in the game can be used to get the lower prices of goods, high prices sold to obtain profit. Money in the N-age game, is quite a matter of learning!!!