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Wedding dress
Groom dress:

Solemn, European style tuxedo. The cream and white combination, showing simple style and noble temperament, the model design, coupled with gold buttons, boys features more prominent
Bridal Gown:

White wedding dress. From the chest to the pattern of design and color of the skirt, and gold colored embroidery increased romantic means, simple and elegant design, and gold and silver ornament, highlighting the bride of the nobility

Plum flower:

After some biting winter blooming plum, highlighting his noble temperament, more delicate fragrance, in order to performance through many difficulties and married love (scheduled)

College Students
Male college students:

The standard black male college students, single breasted cool plus uniforms hats and shoes full collocation, more flavor。
Female college service:

Dressed in a fit of deep black trousers, a saucy handsome, plus a top school uniform cap, and a black leather shoes is really awesome!

Magician suit
Wizard magic suit:

The full set of Magic Wizard robe (Boys Dress oh) system on a belt, more convenient your skill are agile display hands. Don't forget with pointed wizard's shoes, and high Wizard Hat oh!
Witch magic:

The witch's magic is more lovely than the wizard's magic!