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Club mechanism

Club mechanism

  N-age is a very particular about the team spirit of the game, the club's composition is a very important part of the game. At home by oneself, go out to rely on a friend! I believe we all know that in the world of virtual friends is very important. In addition to the usual to help each other, important is someone to bully you, there will be a place to redress the grievance you would have a bunch of friends listen to you tell. When you are in jail, you can also apply for bail to your club. Players in the N-age can be set up their own club, competing with each other for the club and the development of the price of goods, the tax rate, etc..

  The first condition of the registered club is to have 5000000 yuan N yuan (in-game currency) to buy notebook computers, the establishment of the club. Next, you will try to recruit the club members, as well as to raise your reputation in the game to the second stage. When your club has 30 members, you can apply for a formal club in N-age. A club can have a maximum of 200 people. The club's organizational structure is as follows:

Club president

Club Manager