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【How to create a role】

  If you don't in your account to create a character, or role to build other occupations, please click [role] button to create, the first is "choose map interface, is the choice of your place of birth, you in the game a 1-10 scale will be in the city in which you choose to spend, N-age basic life circle has two:" Bourbon city "and" freedom ", you can choice the two cities for your place of birth. Click the next button.

Next is all of your created character set, enter the name of the character you create in the "name" in this column, the gender bar has two buttons with the mouse click them to select your character creation ("male" sex for male characters, "female" female angle, color) after the selection of gender roles is to choose the role of figure N-age, the roles of men and women have two kinds of shape, with "<," > ";" button to choose, also can use the selection bar on the right side of the "<"; ">" create a role to your hair, body clothes, pants, shoes clothing choice, finally is the occupation choice, N-age a total of three occupation can choose - "Gladiator", "the dance", "businessman", click on the [] will create characters to complete your game character created.
  Then go back to the selection of the character interface, click on the people you have just created by clicking on the "enter the game" button by reading the map data, you can reach the N-age world.