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Criminal mechanism

  Society can not be lack of norms, online games also need a clear legal system, to maintain the fair order of the virtual community, believe that only this is all players are pursuing a legal, standardized society. N-age on the other a unique is that it has a fair and rigorous crime prevention system, every violation of game of "justice", "fairness" principle, there is a corresponding penalty clauses, lighter penalty, severe sentence, players must keep in mind that these regulations, everyone to open and aboveboard behaviors in the game to exercise, so, I believe N-age will as an orderly virtual society known!

  When players PK behavior (the city of competition patterns are excluded), the stun will appear at the beginning of the crime, red and accumulated certain experience of crime., when crime experience accumulated to a certain extent, will become criminal point, namely the real criminals, 1 crime count = 120 criminal experience, followed by analogy. When the criminal enters the police, the police will arrest them to the local police station in accordance with the law. The police station will be punished according to the relevant crimes and crimes committed by the offender. Criminals can chose to enter the prison, or choose to submit bail must by the chairman of the club official to pay) to obtain the qualification of "new life" oh ^ ^. Of course, the management personnel if you find you in the N-age violated the normal order of N-age world, so they are corresponding punishment to you directly, so be sure to keep his nose clean.