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Eden mechanism

  Eden in N-age, In this place, it is a personal use unit that can be used as a "store" and "positioning" at the same time. In the game, this is a very important player in the management of personal assets of the system. When the player to the bank to apply for the purchase of the garden of Eden, payment will be able to get to belong to own electronic cards, on the menu display the electronic key "at the same time, on behalf of the players already have their own garden of Eden.

  Eden's main function has two: the first function, is able to store the player's personal items. And the capacity of the items placed in the purchase of the garden of Eden when the players to buy the largest of the "class a garden of Eden", a low level can only buy the "C - class garden of Eden". C level of the price is cheap, the relative capacity is also much smaller.

  The second function is to serve as the player's position. Players have their own garden of Eden, regardless of where the players, as long as the area outside of the area can be used to return to the garden of eden. The use of the method is to point to the purple circle button on the electronic card can be returned to the city of the garden of eden.
  Eden is also a symbol of identity. With your level of ascension, the social status of the improvement, a small C level of Eden to meet your needs? Very simple ah, that's a bigger, more stylish bar. As for the garden of Eden, it was sold at a discount. The only need to note is that if players sell their own garden of Eden, there are still items, then all of the items stored in the garden of Eden will completely disappear, players must be careful oh. Don't let yourself be hard to get the rare treasure it disappeared.