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Combat Mechanism

  N-age world, players must exercise their skills to increase their own strength, so as to gain a foothold in the crisis ridden society. Main mode of combat is divided into two big systems, fist Kung Fu Gladiator, and with the use of weapons dance machinery. Two kinds of occupations have their own unique skills for you to choose to learn, you can choose one of the most, in the choice of time can be considered clearly oh. But these skills are not the first to be able to have, along with the level of the players to upgrade, in succession to allow players to have some special skills. Want to have more than all the skills, but also a very important game, very challenging work. In addition to the click of the mouse attack, N-age of combat operations also have certain knowledge, and efforts to increase attack power and defense at the same time, also cannot forget the parry, this technique represents internationally the exercise the role, in the face of the bad guys, can avoid or resist the bad guys attack attack skills, general skills are to play the NPC to increase experience points to obtain an upgrade. But the price block but from "beaten" to get experience, be more, the skills to learn more thoroughly, when facing more high level of bad in the future, higher probability is able to defeat the enemy. Of course, you hit, this skill determines your success rate of attack and defense, can not be oh.