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Feelings show

Instruction Key words
/Greet Hi, hi, ANN, Hello, Hello, bye, bye, bye, 881886,86,88, bye
/Bow Hello, Hello, nod, thank you, I'm sorry, welcome, welcome
/Clap Congratulations, great, great, papapa, very good, very good.
/Laugh ^ ^, ^o^, haha, ^_^, CC, hihihi, poof, ha ha, ha ha, hee hee
/Cry Really poor, miserable, alas, t_t, sad, whining, finished, bad,>_<
/Agree Well, yes, yes, yes, OK, agree, agree, no problem, right, mm
/Negative Do not, do not want to, nose, no, like the United States, is not possible
/Hungry Hungry, Croton Mody, grunt, hungry, hungry.
/Eat Full, and, a bully, a full
/Cheers Great stay, excited, ya, oh, long live, oh yeah, yeah, yeah
/Angry =_=, 0, killed you, 'and, want to die, I am angry, hum, anger, convex
/Confident Confidence, pride, handsome, proud, I look good, I'm pretty, cute
/Fear Papa, don't hit me, do not bully me, terror, terrible, not.
/C'mon Mercy, forgive me, pity me, please, forgive me, help me, please
/Surprised Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow., +_+, @_@, XD @ @, 
/Shy Blush, hate, @^^@
/Tire Oh, really tired, oh, ah, oh, ah ah, ah
/Trappe Love is very sleepy, sleepy, zzz, zzz, yawning, no spirit, sleepy
/Put a horse to come. Face, ugly eight strange, idiot, spanking, bah, wants to do, come on, go away
/Handshake names (shake hands)
/Pro name (kiss)
/Hold the name (hugging the opponent)
/PK role name
/Join alliance name