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When you get this game, don't think it's going to be like the other online games, everybody experienced the "legend" the lengthy process of leveling, "Stone Age" humorous cartoon figures, "king of kings" unique city-state mechanism, that most online games are waking up, nothing new. But when you enter the N-age world of the game, it will give you a new feeling, a real online game of innovation, you will definitely be surprised to it, because you will be from the visual, auditory, and play, the full range of feelings to an unprecedented, such a good online game!!!   N-age picture of the game, only two words to describe the gorgeous, true". N-age is a real 3D game, the game characters to make the action can be viewed from any direction, sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping these basic action to do is lifelike. Game scenes inside the bench, the table and other props have done very fine, players can even be directly sitting in a chair, sitting around the table to talk about the day, to talk about the heart, there is a real sense of reproduction. In the game of diurnal variation and seasonal weather is very realistic, spring flowers in full bloom, summer rain, autumn fruit maturity, winter snow in the game of incisively and vividly.   N-age's line of quality can be said to be the first class, in the home 56K kitten can run smoothly, there is no sense of stagnation, for a network online game, it is a miracle.   N-age is a game in the history of a miracle, as the history of network game, the first modern background of the network game, the game reflected everywhere in the fashion, avant-garde flavor, full-bodied urban amorous feelings, let you never leave home, can enjoy today oriental metropolis modern and prosperous. Let's come to the world of N-age!


  The first time you enter the game, you need to create a personalized role.
  The first choice of their birth, born in the two city is bourbon and freedom are the N-age world city currently set. Strong bourbon, Korean style. Freedom is thick Japanese style, you can according to their own preferences to choose one of them to enter the next step.

  Next you need to think for himself a resounding name, enter their name, then choose a good body, gender, occupation. The game has three kinds of professional fighter, dance, and businessmen to choose a career for you. Gladiator at unarmed attacks, the use of those weapons in the dance, and the businessman has a superb ability to trade. After building your character, choose him to enter the game and start your journey to N-age.


  Into the game, you will find yourself in the vicinity of the hospital, in the streets. First hit some low-level NPC to practice Lian Ji, some NPC is active attack, so not ready to fight or leave them far point is wonderful. Down with NPC, sometimes it will drop some items and money. Point the mouse to the ground on the item, when the pointer into a small fist of the shape of the point where the left button will be able to pick it up. On the equipment menu, you can put the items you get on. Items on the ground will automatically disappear after a period of time, you want to pick up ah! The 5 level can team up to fight each other, can share the experience of fighting at a distance of 96 meters. And each upgrade a combat level, there will be 3 attribute points for distribution. To open the menu, you can add attributes to strength and agility. Strength affects the player's physical strength (HP) and attack power, while the agility of the player's energy (SP), endurance and defense. When the physical (HP) is 0, the characters will be in a coma. Press F11 key to move to the hospital for first aid, grade 5 is free of charge.


  In the N-age world, the money is not so good earn. In the game, in the social reality with id like, you want to spend 500 n coins, you can have a license, the license before they can wholesale goods, or part-time jobs and other economic activities, connected with it, the player can to the grocery store, talk to miss, she will give you a task for the delivery of goods, to the Caspian, everyone should know that work is to do express the younger sister hello. Get the job in the food store, then get the items in the office, and then return to the food store, you will get the reward you deserve. With the accumulation of experience, we have learned to bargain with the boss, the money will be good to make up. Regardless of whether you want to make enough money for daily use, or want to chain all over the world, when big boss, in which are able to achieve. In a word, you can do it.

  Players in the game can be stored in the bank or N currency, but also can transfer money. In addition, the bank also supports the garden of Eden suite of purchase, union remittances, donations and other functions. In the bank's personal accounts, withdrawals are not charged fees, and the money to other people, the amount of money must be 1% of the money to the bank. If you can use a nearby ATM cash withdrawal machine too far from the bank, of course, also need a certain fee.


  A good online game inevitable is inseparable from good chat channels, N-age not only like other game as the whisper, the club, the team and the ordinary channels, also increased the broadcast channel corresponds with your social status and prestige to the certain level can use broadcast function. Do you want everyone to be your audience? Please try it ^_^


   A good man has three people to help, the red flower is good, but also the need to support green. I believe we all know that in the world of virtual friends is very important. In N-age, players can organize their own clubs, competing for each other's land, to develop the price of goods, taxes, or the old saying goes, there is strength, talking to a component oh.


  Between the players more than a lot of interaction between the very strong facial gestures, such as shaking hands, hugging, kissing and so on.
  N-age is the first to enjoy the pleasure of racing online game. See this, I must let you look forward to the players are expected to flow out of the water. Indeed, riding a motorcycle in the game is a big feature of N-age. So far other online games have not provided this feature. Isn't it cool? Can also be riding belongs to you the locomotive carrying love to go for a ride, feel very wonderful Oh to get locomotive must be rich! (this is a very cruel fact). In the game engine but the price is high, you can see in the game player engine, hundreds of millions of dollars N always run away. But as long as the game player who work hard to make money, one day will have one of their own cool motorcycle.

  You can also have your own garden suite, the main function of the garden of Eden has two: the first function is to be able to store the individual items. And the capacity of the items placed in the purchase of the garden of Eden when the players to buy the largest of the "class a garden of Eden", a low level can only buy the "C - class garden of Eden". C level of the price is cheap, the relative capacity is also much smaller.
  The second function is to serve as the player's position. Players have their own garden of Eden, regardless of where the players, as long as the area outside of the area can be used to return to the garden of eden. The use of the method is to point to the purple circle button on the electronic card can be returned to the city of the garden of eden.