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To return to the original... Rebirth world

In a hundred years, there have been five huge world wars ". So that the world is gradually falling into the situation. But the war still has some of the few survivors, they have gone through thousands of hearts recovered to rebuild the human civilization when necessary basic knowledge and changed the course of history.

  They decided to make this hard to start a new life called rebirth world, meaning "rebirth,", and began to use the new rebirth (rebirth) calendar. 079 years after the rebirth of the history of human history is divided into: the use of a new era called "pre human history (Old-age)", the use of a new era after the era called "Neo-age (N-age)", which is more robust to its historical significance.

Re interpretation of the late human history N-age"

  Human beings in the "born again" settle down, the time has gone by almost three centuries. In the meantime, there is a considerable part of the ruins of the earth, which has been restored, and in most parts of the world there are human beings. They continue to develop science and technology, so now the mainland has actually developed into a civilization level of AD2010 years. Thanks to the past two hundred years of the "central city" project, which is late in human history a. Central city project refers to the central city of this huge city as the center, the formation of a central centralized urban civilization and a series of urban policy, is to understand the history of the late witness.

City of the sun-Central city

  The total area of the city is 1000 square kilometers, the city is the largest city in the world after the rebirth. And according to the construction of urban engineering, is the latest City, also known as "Lisa" super computer to carry out the management of the "electronic city". But the biggest feature of the central city is its "solar system".
  Central city in the surface of all buildings are installed solar collector panels, which is the Module Solar, so to the entire city played a huge solar cell role, each year can produce tens of millions of kilowatts of electricity. The reconstruction of human civilization, because there is such a sufficient energy for the backing, and even the successful construction of the existing four basic living circles and eight can freely live in the region. Therefore, people often call the central city as "the city of the sun". This is a common saying, is "losing the central city, is equal to lose everything", showing that its value is very precious, and therefore is the most important city.

  First episode N-age network game of is around the central city, in the confrontation between the Union and Tully Committee story was pulled open prelusive. Standing on the edge of the storm, you're going to have a big and small event, and you're going to have a step closer to the hidden secrets of the continent. ……