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Map introduction

Bourbon City

  Is the first built in the five basic life circle of the city. High style buildings and bustling streets, honest people, for the first visit, the novice, this for however.
  However, this city is in the dark, Bourbon group living base. They had long ago, to drive away from the city, and to have it.
  As long as they are in the city of Bourbon there will be no real peace. I hope you with their strong will, in exchange for real peace in the city.

Free city

  Libertyland is neat and full of exotic cities, if you want fresh feeling and unlimited freedom, so the city is the most suitable for you.
  The city was built by the people of the mountains and rivers. Some people say they have been the neighboring city of Bourbon indigenous people, but their city occupied by the greed of foreigners.
  They had the city construction effort is "Libertyland".
  What if they were occupied by others in the end of the city? They desperately need to be able to protect the city. It is now in need of justice and courage to help you in the past.

Lotto City

  Lotto city is the last military city, is also a beautiful coastal city.
  By NAPD against the enemy city, by the city's military lottery withstand outside enemy. But also they cannot resist the enemy, is seven years of war and the war of the roses mastermind - Tully committee.
  The seven years war and the wars of the roses to countless people bring the nightmarish reality, they claimed the "city of the sun - central city", the two basic life circle into an inferno. They will take what kind of action, which is not expected, but ……
  Recently, there are often people informed that Tully committee activities of the furtive, people also think will soon have a war coming. But the lottery decline and crisis is closely related to the mainland.
  Now, the lottery need new hero, just like you, Xian Ming, the wisdom of passionate young people!