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Operation interface


After entering the game, you will see the game's interface for the first time. Let me explain it to you in a clockwise direction. On the left is the information display, the players talk, the system prompts and other information will be displayed here. On the top of the screen is the game map, we take the GPS positioning system. Using the shortcut key [M] can be easily carried out on a switch. The right side of the screen is a special skill bar, the top of the trade experience and combat experience bar, the most on the right side of the screen is the function option bar, in the top of the function options bar has a button, you can decide whether to hide and display. In the left of the screen red stripe is physical (HP) showed that blue is energy (SP) display, green is suggest that endurance, players from the Caspian can most intuitive to see their own physical. Energy and endurance of the surplus value, the four small squares of green bar above is goods shortcut bar, with their corresponding shortcut keys you can use。



Games rely mainly on the mouse operation, keyboard auxiliary, plus a variety of shortcut keys, so you can be more easy to operate the game.

1.Move, angle adjustment:
The left mouse button to control the right mouse button to move the mouse, point to the right mouse button to move the mouse, you can adjust the angle of view. [home][end] and mouse wheel can adjust the picture of the distance, the "~" key to lock or to cancel the fixed perspective. If you think it is not convenient, you can also click the shortcut key to open the Option switch to walk or run mode O.

How to talk:Press the enter button to call the input dialog box, you want to say after the message press enter.
How to whisper: combat level five can whisper. Press "enter" invoke the dialog box, press the "tab" the cursor moves to the left margin at the input to the ID of the object whisper, according to the "enter" the cursor will return to the dialog box will be able to enter the words want to say.
Union message / team message / trade information: click on the lower left yellow paper icon switching alliances channel / team channel / trade channel, click, and press the Enter key to enter the message can be.

3.Use items:
To call out the item with the I key, use the right mouse button or double click the left mouse button to select the items you want to use, you can use the. Items in the item shortcut bar can be used directly in the of the shortcut key to which it is located.

4.Equipment item:
To call out the item bar with the I key, use the T button to call out the gear box, and then click the left mouse button to drag the item to the corresponding position.

5.Pick up items:
Hold down the [ALT] key to see the name of all the items in the vicinity, when the mouse moved to the location of the object, the mouse will become a hand shape, then click the left mouse button to pick up the item.

Specify NPC, click the left mouse button, press and hold, you can attack the NPC of the.

7.Use skills:
Call out the skills bar with the [S] key and drag it to the left of the skill bar, and use the [F1]~[F5] to select the skills you're using, and press [SHIFT] to use the current selection skills.

To upgrade, use the [C] key figure out the status bar, increase the property. Click the left mouse button attributes [+] number.