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Reputation mechanism

Reputation mechanism

  N-age game world, "justice" is a very important term. What is the most important player, is the role of the "prestige", what is the reputation of the value of what is it? In simple terms, the reputation value is an objective standard for players in the game world. Reputation value is in accordance with the players in the game performance, to make a comprehensive assessment. The higher the popularity, the more the player will be able to enjoy the game. On the contrary, if the player had ever made a violation of the law, or for no reason to make a breach of the moral behavior of a friend, the prestige value will gradually decline. Low prestige players in the game will be a lot of restrictions. For example, a lot of places will be banned in the prestige is not good players to enter, sit bus to pay double the price and not team up to fight. Not only that, the players will also be rejected by the reputation of the sale of goods, not only those who have the lowest reputation, but also with the "abandoned" the title, we do not want to have this kind of results appear oh.

  Reputation values represent the effort and attitude of the players in the game. So the players should pay close attention to the change of the reputation value. I believe we all want to be the top right of the club president or the central city of age N world. It's going to keep accumulating popularity. To become "respected", it will be more efforts oh.