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Customer service center:《OfficalNage》Customer service center Tencent QQ:1826317235
  • (+86)13127753938(7X24Hour)
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Shortcut key

Press key Effect
Left mouse button The movement of characters and the picking and placing of the attack and the goods
[F1]-[F5] Special skill selection key
[←] [→] Or the right mouse button Adjustment Perspective
[F11] Coma in hospital emergency evacuation
[I] Open Item
[S] Open skill bar
[P] Team window
[T] Open the equipment bar
[home] Or mouse wheel Adjust the picture from the near to the far
[end] Or mouse wheel Adjust the picture range from far to near
[shift] Special skill use key
[F9] Set visual range
[ctrl] Compulsory attack
[ctrl]+[X] or [esc] End game
[M] Open GPS window
[C] Open roles Status bar
[ctrl]+[S] Sound switch
[1] [2] [3] [4] Fast Item window open when the use of props.