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Team Mechanism

Team Mechanism

  Team play is a symbol of the network game game player team. In the N-age world, the team combat has the following principles:

(one), with a maximum of four players per team;

(two) the offender (head of the crime marker) is not allowed to form a contingent and join the team. If players are marked on the mark of crime criminals, will automatically be kicked out of the party system;

(three), more than 5 combat level, game player is eligible to participate in the team;

(four), team play, players can share in the range of 96M value of combat experience.

(five), the team battle between the players, the level difference of more than 10 can not share combat experience.

  If you meet the above conditions, and have a group of like-minded friends, to experience the joy of collective combat team. The game set up a special team for the game player contact channel. You can see the menu in the team details of all the players.