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Transport mechanism

  N-age is the first to enjoy the pleasure of racing online game. See this, I must let you look forward to the players are expected to flow out of the water. Indeed, riding a motorcycle in the game is a big feature of N-age. So far other online games have not provided this feature. Isn't it cool? To get the locomotive must be rich, oh! (this is a very cruel fact). In the game engine but the price is high, you can see in the game player engine, hundreds of millions of dollars N always run away. But as long as the game player who work hard to make money, one day will have one of their own cool motorcycle.

  Man is the iron rice is steel, the locomotive is less gasoline is running! When your car ride for a period of time, it is necessary to go to the gas station resupply, good maintenance can long gallop in the world of N-age!


  Locomotive is divided into three kinds, namely Scooter, Kawasaki, HarleyDavidson. Of course, the power of the locomotive is the faster, the higher the price. And each group of servers, the number of locomotives are limited. So the players act quickly!