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Working mechanism

  In the N-age world, money is not so good to earn, who played a small fry, almost prohibitively difficult. So we for you specially designed "working mechanism, through to complete the job, can earn a little money to pocket money, also can get some experience in the trade, kill two birds with one stone ^ ^

  The way of working is very simple, after the players enter the game, first to the office to apply for a license. This is not a pure financial card, in this virtual society, it represents your trade. Then, players can go to the grocery store, talk to miss, she will give you a task for the delivery of goods, to the Caspian, everyone should know that work is to do express the younger sister hello.

  Get the job in the food store, then get the items in the office, and then return to the food store, you will get the reward you deserve. With the accumulation of experience, we have learned to bargain with the boss, the money will be good to make up. Regardless of whether you want to make enough money for daily use, or want to chain all over the world, when big boss, in which are able to achieve. In a word, you can do it.

  By working to earn money, and then to buy some of their favorite cool clothing, in the street to pull the wind to show their, this is N-age!!!!!!!!!